Get early access to upcoming releases by enabling _Insider builds_. Insider builds are only available to users with a [[Catalyst license]]. > [!warning] > Insider builds are development builds and may be unstable. Don't enable Insider builds if you prefer a more reliable experience. ## Enable Insider builds for desktop To receive new Insider builds as soon as they're available, follow these steps: 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, select **About**. 3. Under **App**, enable **Receive insider builds**. ## Install Insider builds on mobile devices To find instructions on how to install Insider builds on your mobile device, follow these steps: 1. Join the [Obsidian Discord server]( 2. [[Catalyst license#Get your Discord badge|Get your Discord badge]] to access insider channels. 3. Open Discord. 4. In the `#insider-mobile` channel, open **Pinned Messages**. - On desktop, select the pushpin icon in the upper-right corner. - On mobile, swipe left and select **Pins**. 5. Under **Pinned Messages**, select the installation link for your device: - If you're using iOS, open the TestFlight link on your iPhone or iPad. - If you're using Android, download and install the APK file. ## Report issues and other feedback If you discover an issue in an Insider build, consider reporting it to the Obsidian team. Before you report an issue, refer to the [List of known issues and planned improvements]( to see if someone has already reported it. To report an issue, please use one of the following channels: - On Discord, report the issue in the `#insider-build` channel. - In the forum, create a new topic under [Bug reports]( When you report an issue, include the build version and the OS you're running it on. You can find the build version under **Settings → About → App → Current version**. ## Change back to public builds on desktop To change back to using public (non-Insider) builds on desktop: 1. Disable Insider builds. 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, select **About**. 3. Under **App**, disable **Receive insider builds**. 2. Close Obsidian. 3. Delete the `obsidian-VERSION.asar` file, where `VERSION` is the Obsidian version. - Windows: `%APPDATA%\obsidian\obsidian-VERSION.asar` - Mac: `~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/obsidian-VERSION.asar` - Linux: `~/.config/obsidian/obsidian-VERSION.asar` 4. Restart Obsidian.