While Obsidian is great for taking notes, the true power of Obsidian lies in being able to link your notes together. By understanding how one piece of information relates to another, you can improve your ability to remember them and to form deeper insights. In this guide, you'll learn how to create and navigate links in Obsidian. ## Step 1: Create a link In this step, you'll create two notes and link them together using the \[\[double bracket syntax\]\]. 1. [[Create your first note|Create a note]] with the name "Three laws of motion": > The laws of motion are three laws stated by Isaac Newton, that describe the relationship between the motion of an object, and the forces acting on it. 2. Create another note with the name "Law of Inertia" with the following text: > The Law of Inertia is one of the 3. At the end of the sentence, press the left square bracket (`[`) twice on your keyboard. 4. Type "three" to find the first note you created. 5. Press `Enter` to create a link to the highlighted note. > The Law of Inertia is one of the \[\[Three laws of motion\]\] Open the "Three laws of motion" note by clicking on the link while pressing `Ctrl` (or `Cmd` on macOS). ## Step 2: Create a link to a non-existing note You can create links to notes that don't exist yet, for when you want to dive into a topic at a later time. 1. In your "Three laws of motion" note, select the text "Isaac Newton". 2. Press the left square bracket (`[`) twice on your keyboard to create a link. The second link has a more muted color to indicate that the note doesn't exist yet. 3. Create the note by clicking on the link while pressing `Ctrl` (or `Cmd` on macOS). ## Step 3: Navigate between notes As you've seen in the previous steps, you can click a link while pressing `Ctrl` (or `Cmd` on macOS) to go to the linked note. Another way to navigate the between notes is through _backlinks_. A backlink lets you navigate in the opposite direction of an existing link. 1. Open the "Isaac Newton" note. 2. In the right sidebar, click the **Backlinks** tab. 3. Under **Linked mentions**, click the mention in "Three laws of motion" to go to that note. Another way to navigate between your notes is by using a visual representation of how your notes are connected. 1. In the upper-right corner of the note, click **More options** (three dots). 2. Select **Open local graph**. 3. Click any of the nodes in the graph to navigate to that note. ## Learn more Understanding how your notes are connected becomes increasingly more difficult as your vault grows. Learn how to use the [[graph view]] to gain deeper insights from your knowledge base.