Obsidian checks for new updates regularly. When a new update is available, Obsidian applies it when you restart the application. ## Check for an update and the current version Open **Settings → General**. You can find the current Obsidian version and installer version in the upper-left corner. ![[application-installer-current-version.png#interface]] To apply any available updates, click **Relaunch**. ## Disable automatic updates If you prefer to update Obsidian manually, you can disable automatic updates. 1. Open **Settings → General**. 2. Disable **Automatic updates**. ## Installer updates Occasionally, Obsidian [release notes](https://obsidian.md/changelog/) will indicate that a manual installer update is required, and include a link to our website. These updates address the scaffolding of Obsidian, and cannot be handled within the automatic update process. > [!tip] > You **do not** need to uninstall Obsidian to update the installer version. To update Obsidian when an installer update is required: 1. Navigate to [https://obsidian.md/download](https://obsidian.md/download "https://obsidian.md/download"). 2. Download the installer onto your system. 1. If Obsidian is open, completely close it. 3. Run the installation process as directed in [[Download and install Obsidian]]. Your installer update is now complete. You may now re-open Obsidian. > [!Question]- A plugin author or theme developer is asking me to update my installer, but the Obsidian team has not. Why? > This is very common when we have internal library updates within the installer that do not need a minimum application version update, which would force everyone to update. > > For example, if you were using a PDF annotation plugin, and we updated the `pdf.js` library within Obsidian, the plugin author would want to take advantage of updates of that library. > > Similarly, updated CSS capability would prompt a theme developer to require an installer update, so you can have the benefit of some new options that allow more styling features. ## Troubleshooting Some features may depend on a more recent installer version. If you experience issues with a recently added feature, consider [[Download and install Obsidian|reinstalling Obsidian]] to update the installer version.