Find support resources, report security or community violations, and learn how to contribute to Obsidian. ## Questions and advice If you have a question about how to use Obsidian, or want to get to know other Obsidian users, you can join one of our community channels: - [Join our Discord server]( - [Visit the forum]( ### Report bugs and request features > [!important] > Before you request a new feature or report a bug, please look through the other posts to make sure someone else hasn't already submitted it. If you want to suggest a feature in Obsidian, head over to [Feature requests]( If you want to report a bug, head over to [Bug reports]( Bug reports are moved to the [Bug graveyard]( once they're resolved. ### Contact Obsidian support Obsidian offers email support only for inquiries about [[Commercial license|commercial licenses]], your account, payment, and add-on services ([[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Obsidian Sync]] and [[Introduction to Obsidian Publish|Obsidian Publish]]). If you need help with any of those topics, [email the Obsidian team](mailto:[email protected]). ### Collect debug information When you encounter a bug or need assistance from Obsidian support, it's helpful to provide them with your Obsidian application's debug information. Here's how you can obtain it: 1. Open the [[Command palette]]. 2. Type **Show debug info**. 3. Select the highlighted **Show debug info** option. 4. Click the **Copy to clipboard** button. 5. Paste the copied information into your bug report or Obsidian support email. ### Capture console logs When you need to report a bug related to an Obsidian plugin, or when requested to provide log information, you may need to access the Obsidian console. Here's how you can do it based on your operating system: - **Windows**: `CTRL + SHIFT + i` - **MacOS**: `CMD + OPTION + i` - **Linux**: `CTRL + SHIFT + i` Once you've opened the developer console: 1. Select on **console** in the top menu. 2. Choose the **errors** side menu option. Any errors will be displayed as `# errors`. 3. Select one of the red error messages. 4. Choose the option to **Save as...** This will save all the errors in the console. 5. Save the log file to your device. 6. Attach the log file to your bug report or Obsidian support email. ![[help-support-console-menu.png#interface|600]] > [!warning] Mobile devices/tablets have limited access to their developer consoles. For these users, we recommend using the community plugin [Logstravaganza]( to automatically generate the console log data in a markdown note. ## Report a security issue If you've discovered a security issue in Obsidian, or if you suspect that a plugin is malicious, please [email the Obsidian team](mailto:[email protected]). ## Report a Code of Conduct violation Whether you're a victim or witness of a violation of our [[Community code of conduct]], you can report the incident to our moderator team Report the incident on one of the following community channels: - [[Community code of conduct#Report on Discord|Report on Discord]] - [[Community code of conduct#Report on the forum|Report on the forum]] ## Contributing to Obsidian Interested in applying some skills and free time to Obsidian? Here is where we could really use your assistance: - Help your fellow Obsidian users out by answering questions on our [discord server](, our [forum](, or the [ObsidianMD]( reddit. - [[Developers]], we could really use your help on expanding our [Obsidian Developer Documentation]( - Do you know any written language besides English? Consider assisting with our [[Translations]] into other languages. - Is there something in these help docs that are out of date, or confusing? Grab the [[Style guide]] and submit an [issue and pull request]( - If able, you can [[Financial contributions|financially contribute]] by utilizing one of our paid addons.