If you're using Obsidian for commercial use in a company of two (2) or more employees, you need to purchase a Commercial license. Commercial use includes, but is not limited to, work-related activities such as: - Meeting notes - Project notes for teams - Organizational wikis You don't need a Commercial license if you work in any of the following settings: - Schools and recognized educational institutions - Non-commercial research - Non-profit organizations - Freelancing or companies with a single person You can evaluate Obsidian for commercial use for 14 days. You do not need to pay when you’re evaluating. To purchase a commercial license, visit the [pricing page](https://obsidian.md/pricing). For bulk discounts, contact [email protected] ### FAQ > [!FAQ]- Q1. How do I activate my commercial license? > You can activate your commercial license under **Setting** → **About** → **Commercial license**. > [!FAQ]- Q2. Can I try Obsidian for commercial use before paying? > Yes. You may evaluate Obsidian for commercial use for 14 days. > > You do not need to pay before evaluating. > [!FAQ]- Q3. Can I buy a license for myself, or do I have to ask my company to buy it for me? > Yes, you can buy a license for yourself; just put your name in the company field. You can use such a license to work for any company. > [!FAQ]- Q4. I work at the IT department and need to purchase commercial licenses for our employees. What should I do? > You only need to sign up for one admin account and buy one Obsidian commercial license with seats equal to the number of employees who will use Obsidian in your company. > After purchasing the license, you’ll be given a license key which you can send to the employees to activate their license (see Q1 on how to activate). There’s no need for each employee to have an Obsidian account. > [!FAQ]- Q5. Do non-profit organizations require a commercial license? > No, registered non-profit organizations may use Obsidian without a commercial license. > [!FAQ]- Q6. Are there bulk discounts? > For bulk discount inquiry, please contact us at [email protected] > [!FAQ]- Q7. How can I ask my company to purchase licenses for me or my team? > Ask your IT department to contact [email protected] if they have questions or require any specific paperwork. > [!FAQ]- Q8. Do I need a commercial license? > From our EULA, if you use OBSIDIAN for commercial use, you must obtain a commercial license. Commercial use is defined as using OBSIDIAN for work-related activities in a company with two (2) or more employees. > [!FAQ]- Q9: I'm a freelancer/writer/blogger, do I need a commercial license? > Unless you hire at least one additional person, you do not need a commercial license. > [!FAQ]- Q10: I'm a teacher/professor and I use Obsidian for my teaching/lectures, do I need a commercial license? > Obsidian usage for education-related activities within schools and other recognized educational institutions does not require a commercial license. > [!FAQ]- Q11: I'm an academic researcher and I use Obsidian for my research work. Do I need a commercial license? > If your research involves producing a commercial product (e.g., if your research contributes to revenue-generating commercial activities), you need a commercial license for your usage. If your research does not contribute to a commercial product, or if your research has not yet led to commercial activities, you do not need a license. > [!FAQ]- Q12: I use Obsidian during work for things like writing down team processes and taking notes for team meetings, do I need a commercial license? > If you are a single-person company, then you do not require a commercial license. Otherwise, if you have more than one person in the company, then you would require a commercial license. > [!FAQ]- Q13: I use Obsidian to store all of my knowledge, both personal and professional, because it's difficult to separate them. Do I need a commercial license? > If your notes contain content directly related to work projects or processes for a greater-than-one-person company, then you require a commercial license. > [!FAQ]- Q14: I’m still not sure if I need a commercial license. What should I do? > If you still have questions regarding the commercial license requirements, email us at [email protected] and describe your situation in detail.