Although using Obsidian for personal use is completely free of charge, you can give the gift of Obsidian to someone to help them get an add-on service like [[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Obsidian Sync]], or to get a [[Commercial license]] so they can use Obsidian for work. ## Give gift credits In Obsidian, you don’t gift a particular product, but rather Obsidian Credit that can be used towards anything. It’s like an Obsidian gift card. 1. If you don’t already have [[Obsidian Credit]], you must first [[Obsidian Credit#Add credit|purchase credit]]. 2. [On your account dashboard](, under **Payment & billing → Obsidian Credit**, click **Gift**. 3. Follow the instructions to either get a redeem link to send yourself, or have us send an anonymized email to the recipient. 4. Click **Send gift** to complete the gifting. 5. After you send out a gift, you can view it under **Payment & billing → Gift history**. You can see the status of each gift, and cancel the ones that haven’t been redeemed yet.