We offer full refunds within 7 days of purchase with no questions asked for the following services and licenses: - [[Introduction to Obsidian Publish|Obsidian Publish]] - [[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Obsidian Sync]] - [[Commercial license]] > [!Warning] No refunds for Catalyst or Obsidian Credit > [[Catalyst license|Catalyst licenses]] are **not** refundable. > > While they give you a number of benefits, they're intended to support the Obsidian development and aren't sold as products. > > Similarly, we do not offer refunds for Obsidian Credit, as credit can be transferred to another account. > > Sorry for the inconvenience. > [!tip] Talk to a human > If you have any trouble with a transaction, or you need a refund past 7 days after purchase due to exceptional circumstances, [[Help and support#Contact Obsidian support|contact Obsidian support]]. ## Request a refund 1. Log into [your Obsidian account](https://obsidian.md/account). 2. Under **Payment & billing → Invoices & refunds**, click **View**. 3. Next to the payments you want a refund for, if you’re qualified for a refund, you’ll see a link to **Get refund**. Click on the click. 4. Your service will be removed and any auto-renewals will be cancelled as well. If you confirm to proceed, click **Request refund**. ## FAQ **What happens if I refund my service?** If you are refunding an Obsidian Sync or Obsidian Publish subscription, any remote vaults or publish sites are deleted, and can not be retrieved even if you subscribe again. >[!info] Please note that this does not happen if your [[Sync limitations#How long do you keep my data after my subscription expires?|subscription expires]]. If you are refunding an Obsidian Commercial license, the associated license key will be deactivated.