In this guide, you'll enable [[Introduction to Obsidian Publish|Obsidian Publish]] for your vault, create a site, and publish your notes to it. ## Prerequisites - An Obsidian account. If you don't have one, [sign up now]( - An active Obsidian Publish subscription. If you don't have one, subscribe from [your account dashboard]( ## Step 1: Log in with your Obsidian account 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, select **General**. 3. Under **Account → Your Account**, select **Log in**. 4. In **Email**, enter your email. 5. In **Password**, enter your password. 6. Click **Login**. ## Step 2: Enable Obsidian Publish 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, select **Core plugins**. 3. Enable **Publish**. ## Step 3: Create a new site 1. In ribbon, to the left of the application window, select **Publish changes** ( ![[lucide-send.svg#icon]] ). 2. In **Site ID**, enter the path you want for your site. For example, a site with the ID `my-amazing-site` is available from 3. Select **Create**. ## Step 4: Set a site name 1. In the **Publish changes** dialog, Select **Change site options** ( ![[lucide-cog.svg#icon]] ). 2. In **Site name**, under **General**, enter the name of your site. 3. Select **Save site settings**. ## Step 5: Select notes to publish 1. In the **Publish changes** dialog, select **NEW** to see all the notes you haven't published yet. 2. Select the notes you want to publish. 3. Click **Publish**. The notes you selected are now available on your site. For more information, refer to [[Publish and unpublish notes]]. You've configured a Obsidian Publish site and published your first notes. Head over to the site address you configured earlier in this guide, and start sharing it with your readers.