Many social networks display a rich preview for your website when a user shares a link to it. Using [[Properties]], you can customize how your notes appear in the preview. > [!warning] > The tags overridden in this section are **only** visible by web crawlers. Regular web browsers are served the unmodified page for performance. ## Description Obsidian automatically generates a description based on the note content, but you can provide your own using `description`. ```yaml --- description: An introduction to our solar system. --- ``` > [!note] Meta tags > `description` overrides the auto-generated description in `<meta name="description" content="...">` and the equivalents for `og:description` and `twitter:description`. ## Image You can use a custom image for the link preview, by adding `image` or `cover` with a path to the image. The image must be uploaded to Publish. The path can be an absolute path from the root of your vault: ```yaml --- cover: "Attachments/Cover image.png" --- ``` The path to the image is case sensitive. In our prior example, we have a path to an image named `Cover image.png`. The below path will not work, because it is using the wrong case. ```yaml --- cover: "Attachments/cover Image.png" --- ``` In place of an absolute path in your vault, you may also use an external url: ```yaml --- image: "" --- ``` `image` and `cover` are identical. Only use one of them. > [!note] Meta tags > `image` and `cover` overrides the auto-generated image in `<meta property="og:image" content="...">`.