This page lists some of the common questions related to quotas and limitations for [[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Obsidian Sync]]. ## How many remote vaults can I have? Each account with Obsidian Sync can have up to 5 remote vaults. ## How long do you keep the version history? We keep version histories of markdown files for up to one year before we clean it up. Attachments are kept for two weeks. ## How large can each remote vault be? At the moment, each remote vault can have up to 10 GB of data, including version history. ## How large can each file be? At the moment, each file can be up to 100 MB. ## How long do you keep my data after my subscription expires? We keep data in your remote vaults, including version history, for one month after your subscription expires. As long as you renew within one month, there should be no impact on your usage. ## Is my data being synchronized in the background? No, files are only synchronized when Obsidian is running. ## What operating systems does Obsidian Sync support? Obsidian Sync supports every platform that Obsidian can run on. Currently that means Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.