In this guide, you'll enable [[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Obsidian Sync]] for your vault. > [!NOTE] Remote vaults and local vaults > In this guide, you'll create a new [[Local and remote vaults|remote vault]] and connect it to an existing local vault. You don't need to create a new local vault to use Obsidian Sync. ## Prerequisites - An Obsidian account. If you don't have one, [sign up now]( - An active Obsidian Sync subscription. If you don't have one, subscribe from your [account page]( ## Log in with your Obsidian account 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, click **About**. 3. Under **Account → Your Account**, click **Log in**. 4. In **Email**, enter your email. 5. In **Password**, enter your password. 6. Click **Login**. ## Enable Obsidian Sync 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, click **Core plugins**. 3. Enable **Sync**. ## Create a new remote vault 1. Open **Settings**. 2. In the sidebar, click **Sync**. 3. Next to **Remote vault**, click **Choose**. 4. Click **Create new vault**. 5. In **Vault name**, enter the name of the remote vault. 6. In **Region**, choose your server [[#Regional sync servers|region]] for your remote vault. 7. In **Encryption password**, choose a password for your vault. This creates an end-to-end encrypted vault. The vault password is separate from your Obsidian account and can be different for each of your vaults. For more information, refer to [[Security and privacy]]. 8. Click **Create**. ### Regional sync servers As of [Obsidian release 1.5](, users can now choose the hosting location for their remote vault. For users not yet on release 1.5 or a later version, the assignment of their remote vault location will be handled automatically. ![[sync-regional-sync-servers.png#interface|300]] After selecting a location, it's crucial to be aware that the data center **cannot** be changed afterward. If you wish to relocate your data, the process involves [[#Create a new remote vault|creating a new remote vault]] and specifying the desired hosting location during the setup. ![[Obsidian Sync/Security and privacy#^sync-geo-regions]] ## Connect to a remote vault 1. Next to your newly created vault, click **Connect**. 2. In **Encryption password**, enter the password you configured for the vault. 3. Click **Unlock vault**. 4. Click **Start syncing**. > [!note] Sync settings and other file types > By default, Sync only syncs notes and images. For information how to sync other file types, refer to [[Select files and settings to sync#Select file types to sync|Select file types to sync]]. > > If you want to sync vault configuration, such as settings for [[Core plugins]], [[Custom hotkeys]], or [[Community plugins]], learn how to [[Select files and settings to sync#Sync vault configuration|Sync vault configuration]].