Record and save audio recordings directly into an Obsidian note. With the Audio recorder plugin, you can record details from a lecture, meeting, or other important situations where you can't type fast enough. > [!note] > Before you get started, make sure that your computer has a microphone configured and ready to use. ## Record audio in a note 1. Create a new note or open an existing note. 2. In the ribbon, click **Start/stop recording** (microphone icon) to start recording. The recording starts as soon as the icon changes color. 3. Click the icon again to stop the recording and add it to your note. Obsidian saves the recorded audio file to your vault and [[Embed files|embeds]] it at the end of the active note. > [!note] > Audio recordings remain in your vault even after you remove them from your note. If you want to remove the recording from your computer, you can use the [[File explorer]] to delete the file.