This page lists the core plugins that comes installed with Obsidian. Core plugins are officially built and supported by the Obsidian team. Some core plugins are disabled by default. You can enable them under **Settings → Core plugins**. > [!tip] Community plugins > If you can't find the plugin you're looking here, check out some of the [[Community plugins|plugins built by the community]]. You can also [Build a plugin]( yourself. ### All core plugins - [[Audio recorder]] - Record and save audio recordings directly in a note. - [[Backlinks]] - See all the links and unlinked mentions of a note. - [[Bookmarks]] - Save links to notes, headings, searches, and more. - [[Command palette]] - Quickly access commands from your keyboard. - [[Daily notes]] - Create and open notes based on the current date. - [[File explorer]] - Browse files and folders inside your vault. - [[File recovery]] - Recover your work from regular snapshots. - [[Format converter]] - Convert Markdown from other apps to Obsidian format. - [[Graph view]] - Visualize relationships between notes in your vault. - [[Importer]] - Convert files from various apps and formats to Obsidian. - [[Note composer]] - Merge two notes or split one into two. - [[Outgoing links]] - Show all links for the active note. - [[Outline]] - Show the table of contents for the active note. - [[Page preview]] - Preview the contents of a note by hovering over links. - [[Properties view]] - List all the properties in your vault, and see properties for the active note. - [[Introduction to Obsidian Publish|Publish]] - Host your notes as a website, wiki or documentation. - [[Quick switcher]] - Search, create and open notes from your keyboard. - [[Random note]] - Opens a random note in your vault. - [[Search]] - Find files in your vault. - [[Slash commands]] - Perform commands inside the editor using the `/` key. - [[Slides]] - Create a presentation from your notes. - [[Introduction to Obsidian Sync|Sync]] - Sync your notes across devices. - [[Tags view|Tags view]] - List all the tags in your vault. - [[Templates]] - Insert pre-defined content into your notes. - [[Unique note creator]] - Create a unique note using a time-coded title. - [[Word count]] - Display the number of words and characters. - [[Workspaces]] - Save layouts and switch between them.