Daily notes opens a note based on today's date, or creates it if it doesn't exist. Use daily notes to create journals, to-do lists, or daily logs for things you discovered during the day. To open today's daily note, either: - Click **Open today's daily note** (calendar with checkmark icon) in the [[Ribbon|ribbon]]. - Run **Open today's daily note** from the [[Command palette]]. - [[Hotkeys#Setting hotkeys|Use a hotkey]] for the **Open today's daily note** command. By default, Obsidian creates a new empty note named after today's date in the YYYY-MM-DD format. > [!tip] If you prefer to have your daily notes in a separate folder, you can set the <u>New file location</u> under plugin options to change where Obsidian creates new daily notes. > [!example]- Automatic subfolders > You can automatically organize your daily notes into folders using the **Date format** feature. > > For instance, if you set the date format as `YYYY/MMMM/YYYY-MMM-DD`, your notes will be created as `2023/January/2023-Jan-01`. > > You can explore more formatting options on the [momentJS](https://momentjs.com/docs/#/displaying/format/) documentation site. ## Create a daily note from template If your daily notes have the same structure, you can use a [[Templates|template]] to add pre-defined content to your daily notes when you create them. 1. Create a new note named "Daily template" with the following text (or whatever makes sense to you!): ```md # {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}} ## Tasks - [ ] ``` 2. Open **Settings**. 3. In the sidebar, click **Daily notes** under **Plugin options**. 4. In the text box next to **Template file location**, select the "Daily template" note. Obsidian uses the template the next time you create a new daily note. ## Daily notes and properties When the Daily notes plugin is activated and a date property is present within any note, Obsidian will automatically attempt to generate a link to the daily note for that specific day. For instance, if a note titled `example.md` includes a date property like `2023-01-01`, this date will transform into a clickable link in the [[Edit and preview Markdown#Live Preview|live preview]] section. ![[daily-notes-and-date-properties.png#interface|300]] ^daily-notes-date