The Outgoing links plugin shows the links from the active note at a glance, as well as potential links to be made. It's similar to the [[Backlinks]] plugin, which instead shows you _incoming_ links to the active note. The Outgoing links tab (link with right arrow icon) is available in the right sidebar and contains the following sections: - **Links** lists all links in the active note. Click a link to open the linked note. - **Unlinked mentions** lists any text in the active note that matches the name or [[Aliases|alias]] of another note in your vault. Unlinked mentions helps you discover links you aren't aware of yet. To create a link from an unlinked mention, click the button with the note's name. > [!tip] > Unlinked mentions can refer to different notes with the same name. To show the full path of the note, hover over the button with the note's name. > [!note] Code blocks > While you can create a link from an unlinked mention inside a code block, due to the nature of code blocks, links don't show up under the Links section.