The Quick switcher lets you search and open notes using only your keyboard. ## Open Quick switcher There are several ways to open Quick Switcher, when it's enabled: - Press `Ctrl+O` (or `Cmd+O` on macOS) to open the Quick switcher; - In the ribbon, click **Open Quick switcher** (magnifying glass on document icon); - On mobile, when you're not editing a note, tap the plus icon at bottom center of the app. ## Open a note with Quick switcher 1. [[#Open Quick switcher]]. 2. Type to search for a note by name or alias. 3. Navigate to the note using the arrow keys. 4. Press `Enter` to open the selected note. > [!info] Autocomplete functionality switches to a simpler result algorithm when the vault reaches 10,000 items to maintain optimal application performance. ^search-autocomplete-large If the text doesn't match any notes, you can press `Enter` to create a note with that name. Even if the text matches one or more similar notes, you can still create a note with the exact name by pressing `Shift+Enter`. You can open the selected note in a new tab by pressing `Ctrl+Enter` (or `Cmd+Enter` on macOS). > [!tip] Toggle between two notes > If the search term is empty, the Quick switcher shows the most recent notes. Toggle between two notes by opening the Quick switcher, pressing the `Down` arrow, and then pressing `Enter`.