Slides lets you create presentations from your notes. To start a presentation: **File menu:** - Right-click the tab of a note and click **Start presentation**. **Command palette:** 1. Press `Ctrl+P` (or `Cmd+P` on macOS) to open the [[Command palette]]. 2. Search for the **Start presentation** command. 3. Press `Enter` with the command selected to start a presentation using the active note. To navigate between slides, click the left and right arrows in the bottom-right corner, or press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also advance to the next slide by pressing Spacebar. To stop the presentation, press `Escape` or click the cross in the upper-right corner of the presentation. You can use any valid Markdown file as a presentation. To separate slides, enter `---` at the start of a line surrounded by newlines. ```md # Presentations using Slides A demo on how to build presentations using Slides. --- ## Formatting You can use regular Markdown formatting, like *emphasised* and **bold** text. --- ## Slides Use `---` to separate slides. ```