You can use Templates to insert pre-defined snippets of text into your active note. ## Set your template folder 1. In the bottom-left corner, click **Settings** (cog icon). 2. Under **Core plugins → Templates → Template folder location**, enter the folder containing your templates. ## Insert a template into the active note **Important:** To insert a template, you need to first [[#Set your template folder]]. 1. In the ribbon, click **Insert template**. 2. Select the template to insert at the cursor position in the active note. If your template folder contains only one note, Templates inserts it directly into the active note. ## Template variables You can add dynamic information to your templates, using _template variables_. When you insert a template containing a template variable, Templates replaces it with its corresponding value. | Variable | Description | |-------------|-------------------------------------------------| | `{{title}}` | Title of the active note. | | `{{date}}` | Today's date. **Default format:** `YYYY-MM-DD`. | | `{{time}}` | Current time. **Default format:** `HH:mm`. | Both `{{date}}` and `{{time}}` allow you to change the default format using a _format string_. To set a format string, add a colon (`:`) followed by a string of [Moment.js format tokens](, for example `{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}`. You can use `{{date}}` and `{{time}}` interchangeably with format strings, for example `{{time:YYYY-MM-DD}}`. You can change the default date and time formats under **Settings → Templates → Date format** and **Settings → Templates → Time format**. > [!tip] > You can also use the `{{date}}` and `{{time}}` template variables in the [[Daily notes]] and [[Unique note creator]] plugins.