Unique note creator lets you create notes with time-based names, also known as Zettelkasten notes. For example, if you create a new note at 09:45 on Jan 1st, 2024, Unique note creator creates a note with `202401010945` as its name. If a note with the same name exists, the new note uses the next available timestamp. ## Create a unique note **Ribbon:** - In the ribbon, click **Create new unique note** (overlapping sheets icon). **Command palette:** 1. Press `Ctrl+P` (or `Cmd+P` on macOS) to open the [[Command palette]]. 2. Search for the **Create new unique note** command. 3. Press `Enter` with the command selected. ## Create unique notes from a template By default, new unique notes are empty. To use another file as a template: - Open **Settings**. - In the sidebar, click **Core plugins → Unique note creator**. - In **Template file location**, enter the file you want to use as template. For more information about how to write templates, refer to [[Templates]].