Apps come and go, but your data should last. Obsidian uses non-proprietary plain text Markdown files stored locally on your device. You have total control over your data, which means you can use Obsidian offline and switch to another app easily if you ever need to. ## Import from other apps and file formats - <span class="icon-app icon-notion"></span> [[Import from Notion|Notion]] - <span class="icon-app icon-roam"></span> [[Import from Roam Research|Roam Research]] - <span class="icon-app icon-onenote"></span> [[Import from Microsoft OneNote|Microsoft OneNote]] - <span class="icon-app icon-evernote"></span> [[Import from Evernote|Evernote]] - <span class="icon-app icon-apple-notes"></span> [[Import from Apple Notes|Apple Notes]] - <span class="icon-app icon-google-keep"></span> [[Import from Google Keep|Google Keep]] - <span class="icon-app icon-bear"></span> [[Import from Bear|Bear]] - <span class="icon-app icon-html"></span> [[Import HTML files|HTML files]] - <span class="icon-app icon-md"></span> [[Import Zettelkasten notes|Zettelkasten notes]] - <span class="icon-app icon-md"></span> [[Import Markdown files|Markdown files]] ## More formats Don't see your app? You can request it or contribute to the [open-source repository]( for the [[Importer]] plugin. Additional guides have been shared by our community that may help you migrate to Obsidian: - [Craft]( - [Day One]( - [Diaro]( - [Logseq]( - [Remnote]( - [TiddlyWiki]( - [TheBrain]( - [Ulysses]( - [Zim]( - [zkn3](