Obsidian allows you to easily import individual HTML files and entire folders of HTML files using the official [[Importer|Importer plugin]]. This is useful if you want to save whole websites to [[Obsidian Flavored Markdown|Markdown]] format, or if you want to import data from a tool that exports to HTML. If you are importing notes from a specific app, you may want to first review the list of apps supported by [[Importer|Importer plugin]] to check if there is a specific converter that will better preserve the data you are migrating. ## Import HTML data into Obsidian You will need the official Obsidian [[Importer]] plugin, which you can [install here](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-importer). 1. Open **Settings**. 2. Go to **Community Plugins** and [install Importer](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-importer). 3. Enable the Importer plugin. 4. Open the **Importer** plugin using the command palette or ribbon icon. 5. Under **File format** choose **HTML (.html).** 6. Select the location of your HTML files or folders. 7. Click **Import** and wait until import is complete. 8. You're done! ### Import settings - **Attachment size limit**: Skip importing attachments larger than the specified size. - **Minimum image size**: Skip importing images smaller than the specified size in either dimension. Can be used to skip icons and logos.